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The Space Economy

It’s been quite a while since my last post here. Well… fundraising for SaaSholic is consuming most of my energy and time.

Despite being completely absorbed by the fundraising spree, I still make some time to read and watch entertaining/educative content.


I love SpaceX (who doesn’t?), love space exploration, I’ve read a ton of sci-fi this year (Three body problem is the best book series ever!) and from time to time Youtube’s algorithm bombards me with videos surrounding the topic.

Last month I watched a video covering an alternative method to send objects into orbit by spinning/accelerating them for hours in a centrifuge-like chamber until they reach escape velocity and then open a chamber to let them fly at hypersonic speeds into the void of space.
Sounds weird but has caught attention and funding. See their progress with your own eyes:

SpinLaunch video

Lancaster Space Launch System

Today, YouTube served me something that I found even more interesting for 2 reasons:

1 – Lancaster’s system seems simpler (at least to the eyes of an uneducated watcher) since it has only one moving part and should be less prone to failure.

2The video is as educative as it can get!! Its creator describes in detail how the Space Economy shall work and how his company fits it.

TBH, I didn’t know much and hadn’t spent much time thinking about the Space Economy. Its very obvious possibilities blew my mind and if SpaceX is still around for 5-10 more years, it’ll definitely be a thing.

People are now fixated with the Metaverse – which is also cool as f*ck and is brilliantly illustrated in Snow Crash – but now I’m convicted that space exploration will also vastly increase our economy and create more opportunities for wealthy people and institutions to put their money to work.

If I had more cash liquidity, I’d definitely be looking for some space-focused VC or alike run by the right managers.

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