Angellist flywheel

Several months ago I caught myself watching videos from a Notion expert and the title of one of his videos was: Systems Thinking intro.

The video is pretty good but my mind deviated its attention from it at a given point and completely focused on the concept of the flywheel.

In a nutshell and for business purposes only: it’s a self feeding feedback cycle that stores and helps you accumulate energy and momentum

I had seen the famous Amazon Flywheel before but it was only when Brian Halligan presented his version of the Flywheel during Hubspot’s 2018 Inbound event that I gave it the deserved attention.

Fast forward 2 years later: after having seen this video about Systems Thinking, I realized how it relates to Businesses Moats and Advantages.

Some months later I was having a conversation with Lucas Bagno about how he built his Angellist Syndicate and amidst his explanation he mentioned that at some point “he had gotten his syndicate flywheel spinning” and things became much easier.

After an afternoon of reflection and scribbling, I was finally able to put on paper how the Angellist Syndicate (and maybe Rolling Funds) game works:

ps: I’m not a big fan of this dynamic

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