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2021 OKRs

Today it’s the 2nd of January 2021 and, as cliché as it might sound, it is great timing to define goals and change habits.

Here are my OKRs I’ve committed to follow throughout January.

I consider most of these KRs easy or very easy to accomplish. And this is intentional.

I want these habits to be positively reinforced without turning them into a heavy burden. These are behaviors I want to slowly teach myself to like (or at least get used to them).

These are my Long Term KRs.

As for other KRs such as 2 and 4, they’ll most likely be very challenging to accomplish. I want to reap the outcomes of these self-induced behaviors in the present.

These are my Short Term KRs.

My OKRs weren’t designed to last for the whole year. I’d rather stick to them until the end of January no matter what and then reevaluate them for Feb and March.

As I’ve written last year, I’m using a fantastic accountability tool that is helping me to both keep track of my progress on most of these KRs AND also provides me with extra motivation.

(While writing this post I realized KR #4 deserves a post of its own. Here it is)

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